Donald Ambrose

432_DonPhotoshoot_copy_bgEditor_1296164552955The Magic Brain blog is my tale of living with Asperger’s. How one magic effect allowed me to present ideas in a logical way, handed me a career and admitted me to the ranks of  professionals. How thinking in pictures allowed me to obtain an advanced degree, understand mathematics and become an accomplished businessman and teacher. The internet is complete with suggestions on how to manage or analyze Asperger’s. Mostly defined a as syndrome, deficiency or inability to preserve information correctly. As for me Asperger’s has been a blessing knowing how to utilize its unique qualities was the challenge which took long time to interpret and produce feasible solutions.

At the age of ten years, I discovered magicians, mentalists and magic. The House of Hocus-Pocus located on Tupper Street in Buffalo, New York became my sanctuary. Master magician Gene Gordon proprietor of Hocus-Pocus became my idol and mentor. At the magic shop, I learned to speak and present information in a coherent manner for the first time in my life, I began to communicate. Diagnosed with dyslexia at eight years old, I immediately had a method for overcoming many of the obstacles which dyslexia presented its recipient lack of focus and one who is easily distracted and seeing words and numbers in a twisted manner At the Hocus-Pocus Shop, I learned many methods on how to memorize and present data. Everything I presented was in the variety of magic effects. These effects were built up by magicians and mentalists down through the historic periods. I would practice for hours each trick I learned and then presented to anyone who would watch me perform. Using memory and focusing techniques developed by magicians made all the difference in my spirit and career options. As an adult, I use the methods to deliver information in business situations and as a mathematics teacher in classroom settings. In addition, as an entertainer, I learned to apply them to entertain audiences throughout the United States.

Asperger’s has given me the opportunity to utilize and develop many of the characteristics associated with Asperger’s, extreme focus, the ability to retain information and patterns. I developed the Bright Card memory system based on my knowledge of how the brain stores images. I have used the Bright Card system in classrooms, workshops and magical demonstrations for over thirty-five years.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia at eight years of age and with Asperger’s at age forty four. All through my life, I knew I was different. I have come to appreciate that difference and perhaps most import was how to use those special skills. It has been an absolutely amazing experience. Hopefully, if anyone reads this blog it will provide an understanding of Asperger’s from a non clinical, personal and very human approach to living and winning in the real world.