My Opinion About Everything: Traveling In A RV

This blog began as an explanation about living with Asperger’s. Well, having lived with Asperger’s for seventy three years and in many cases actually achieved a number of successes I will give my opinion with that in mind. Always remember I will never give my opinion about anything I have not been personally involved in. Pure experience, real and down low.

Travailing in a RV for three years full time I have become the expert. Having talked with hundreds of travelers from across the America. I understand the ups and downs and the ins and outs and the many hacks of the RV life style. Traveling from the East cost to the West. From Florida to California and many points in between and found that when discussing RVs many had the same opinions. Here is the List:

  1. Never purchase a new RV. Their are no warranties on the RV only on the components. You receive a box full of manuals and warranties and your on your own. And if you try to repair you negate the warranty. No lemon laws in New York state. Every RV unit will have problems new or used. Try and find a diesel mechanic when you need one. And when you do just open your wallet and give it all to the dealership.
  2. RV salesmen are super good at separating you from your money so are the service departments. That free coffee you will drink is actually costing you about fifty dollars. The sign that reads two hundred dollars an hour over the service desk is real and the service manager is smiling.
  3. Never travel more than fifty miles in a day. Your butt will thank you.
  4. Walmart is no longer available as a overnight spot due to nasty RV-er who really screw things up. Dumping black water in the parking lot, nasty.
  5. Cracker Barrel restaurants allow RVs to park over night. Enjoy a meal during your stay.
  6. When purchasing a RV the best money spent is the fee for an independent inspector to go over your rig.
  7. Expect thing to go wrong. Have about three thousand dollars as back up. It’s not if things go bad it’s when. A RV is a earthquake on wheels. Everything shakes, screws fall out and having a set of tools which include a driver with a set of different tips is required.
  8. RV parks are expensive and packed to the edges. Listening to your neighbors flush there toilets or swearing at at each other has never been in a RV add.
  9. Learn as much from other RV-er as possible.
  10. Find the smallest unit you can imagine traveling with and go smaller. If possible rent before purchasing.
  11. The All stays App is a must.
  12. Animals in RV parks. Owners are just as screwed up as there Pups. Beware…

I’ve covered a few good ideas. If you really are interested in the RV lifestyle contact me I would be happy the relate a few more Hacks. Happy traveling and Keep Safe.

Next time: My Opinion: Basic Finance

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