Three Years On The Road

Well ! it all began with a divorce of twenty four years and ended with my own home, math tutoring business and a growing Bright Cards Memory program on internet of course. Interesting how it all came together. Each and every one of us humans I’m including myself in that set has endless possibilities which are most often stifled by the very people who you consider worth considering. Teacher, Clergy, Politicians and family member including spouses. Big mistake… I began this blog a number of years ago 2015 as a way of introduction my ex wife to Asperger’s. with no results. If you don’t care you just don’t care. University studies, Taught for thirty years. A stint in the U.S. Navy, business management and on the road since 2017. The last three years have been a real eye opener. Traveling the back county of America has given me a different perspective on America, capitalism and living a good life. Now in my home I have time to reflect, write and give advice on just about everything I’ve seen and done. I am 73 years old and that allows me to have opinions many many opinions. Mark Twain “The two most important time in a mans life is when he is born and when he finds out why”. I found out….. Oh yes, I traveled with three amazing Pups two Italian Greyhounds and a Chihuahua. Best traveling companions ever. Stay Safe.

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