This Has Been Asked Of Me Many Times

As an older person how does Asperger’s affect your life. At seventy-one the same as when I was seven. Bright lights, loud continuous sounds will give me a migraine in no time at all. Not good for enjoying group gatherings. Holidays have always been a painful experience. Asperger’s has its own set of rules and as someone who has lived with the effects of Asperger’s there entire life you learn to understand yourself and most of all you don’t have to apologies. It is what it is. As a youngster my goal was to  make people like me. As I aged pleasing people became less important. As a teacher I found a competency level few could match due to my ability to memorize almost anything.  Great for mathematics, I began a blog to give anyone interested  an insight into Asperger’s.  As the New Year approaches I am working on a mathematics tutoring program, Magic Math Tutoring, perhaps I can show how it is possible to success with Asperger’s at any age. Well, professional at least.

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