My Biggest Regret


I’ll be seventy years old this May. A lifetime filled with adventure, sadness, tragedy and successes, regrets and it’s not over yet. The military provided me with memories to last a lifetime and an understanding of honor and respect. Within the business world, I found fraud, giant egos and greed also successes. The world of academia gave me a true understanding of, commitment and success. Teaching food management and mathematics’ was one of my great joys. For thirty years, every summer I prepared my lessons knowing that I had memorized every problem for all grades of the New York State mathematics regent exam this is Asperger’s at its finest.  The same for the Culinary Arts class I had a mental picture of all the information. My personal life has been one failure after another, really not understanding the meaning of communication or true affection. Having been divorced twice, I finally got the hint. Relationships are hard and for an Asperger’s recipient almost impossible. I have Asperger’s and till recently never understood its true implications or its consequence on others.  However, I had an amazing career. Retiring in 2011 since I’ve trained therapy dogs all of which were rescued from local SPCAs. Worked with Veterans training companion dogs, visited Alzheimer’s center and area hospitals. Now it’s time to travel and see America’s people who have the same interests as I, Italian Greyhounds, Asperger’s and Barbecue. Oh, yes, my biggest regret. I never told my students that I was working with a diverse deck of cards. Asperger’s gave me a great advantage and disadvantage I now understand the variance. I wish that I had the courage to discuss Asperger’s with my students. It would have made a world of difference to somebody, maybe even me.

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