I Wanted To Be a Chef

I’d finally found something I was good at. The process of preparing and arranging plates and platters of food was my thing.  Interestingly, I had the power to arrange ten, twenty plates and the all would be exactly the same with no variation what so ever.  This is an extremely valuable asset when you consider that samness equates to low food cost.  Placing food in an eye catching fashion became my call to fame.  As well, the ability to rotate a pictures in my brain’s eye provided all I needed in order to produce good looking platter of food, ice carvings, butter sculptures and tallow figures.  I’m going to be on television.  A local cooking and home program Meet the Millers was my first TV appearance that kept the fame firmly in place.  Being proud of my work getting noticed becoming a chef was just around the corner. My future looked promising.  Unfortunately, around the time I thought that I had I made the educational system raised its ugly head.  The curse of hands on success and the lack of educational accomplishment.

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