Gym and Cooking Don’t Mix

Getting along great in the culinary arts class was one thing. Still, I was a dismissal, failure in everything else. English class was a mystery of gigantic dimensions. Math class, even a deeper mystery which is astonishing since I taught the New York State regents mathematics curriculum latter in my career. More on that topic in future blogging.  Failing all my academic classes including gym. The gym class was a literal pain in my side and elsewhere. Despising the gym instructor, loathing the stupid things we were required to do to pass the class. Climbing ropes, swinging from poles and running an obstacle course seemed to be preparing us to be Tarzan King of the jungle. I informed Mr. Smith the head gym instructor my dislike of him and his teaching methods, so he failed me. Interesting enough my picture appeared in the local newspaper sports page. I had taken a liking to fencing it appealed to my sense of orderliness. The repetition of fencing drills was something I enjoyed. When the fencing master wanted one hundred lunges he meant one hundred. He was from Hungary, where fencing is taken very seriously.  Being the only student fencer to complete all hundred lunges, each and every day he noticed my tenacity and took me under his wing. He liked my work ethic and begin giving me advanced lesson in foil, saber and epee. The only kid to train in all three weapons. I showed the article with my picture to Mr. Smith. He said that it’s not part if his curriculum and failed me. He’s dead by know….Hopefully.   Work and school do not mix…..


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