Voices in My Head

Sounds have always agitated me.  Ever since telling my grandmother that I could hear who she was speaking to on the phone from across the room. She said I had voices in my brain. As an altar boy I could hear the priest’s mouthing words. Many I didn’t recognize since the mess was in Latin. Nonetheless, occasionally I heard a swear word, bastards, shit and dumb f—s. Now no one would trust me then, but now I tell you I heard it. Sound sensitivity, color, smell and I didn’t like being touched. I had it all, however, being able to hear conversations from a great distance was a magic trick you just can’t memorize. You either have it naturally or you don’t. Long distance hearing as I called it was my path to success in the military, commercial enterprise and education. It had always amazed me what people say when they don’t believe you could hear it. I could go on forever. Just a little bit of interesting information. When I enlisted in the U.S. Navy among the test given was a hearing evaluation. After the test the individual monitoring the test stated that he knows that dogs and I have a great deal in common. That’s basically it.

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