Culinary Arts, Well Almost

The first thing I discovered about the culinary arts class were the colors.  Carrots, onions, celery, broccoli, eggplant and the inventory list went on and on. Colors so rich that my eyes hurt. Meats a deep red, vegetables so many colors they actually seemed to over power my ability to process the information.  The teacher asked me why I was staring at the food, perhaps he figured that I was hungry and I was. Only that wasn’t the reason it was the overpowering and overload of color and it gave me a headache. I know that these colors and foods did exist before today, but there was a difference the smells were also much greater than ever before.  To see and smell them in one place at one time was a novel experience. Having color overload was one thing, now the colors and the smell then the kitchen exhaust fan and that sound that loud, hideous sound.  This was overloaded in fourth gear. Voices in my head.

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