Making Wood Shavings

Since I was destined for the labor force wood working was the educational systems choice for my future livelihood. By the way, no one asked me if carpentry was something I liked. Emerson Vocational High School was chosen as my next place of interment. Not only was I completely inept at wood working I was probably dangerous with all those saws, lathes, planes and drills. I really don’t believe that the school administration gave this much thought as to my career goals or the liabilities involved. Nevertheless, my first semester consisted of planing a piece of wood into a perfect square. It never happened. The instructor knew after a months worth of wood shavings that I was not destined to be a woodworker. The school offered a number of courses, upholstery, painting, baking and cooking. Also their was a class in the basement next to the boiler room where everyone just stared at the blackboard. I  never found out what that course was about and perhaps for the best.  Culinary Art, cooking now there was a field of education I really could get my hands and mouth into. Anyway, I was always hungry and cooking was about food. Just connect the dots only one problem my grades from middle school were not good enough to qualify for the cooking program. So back to woodworking and the wood shavings which I produced in abundance. A whole semester I labored at woodworking. Trying very hard to produce the desired shapes of wood required. Never happened…..The class teacher said he had never seen a student work so hard and accomplished so little in all his teaching career. Culinary Arts the next great thing………

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