You’d Think I was a Criminal

The juvenile court system is in place to correct bad behavior which will and does contribute to criminal behavior. We are here to put you on the road to socially acceptable behavior. That’s actually what the man said on the other side of the table. Everything recorded on a simple vinyl disc machine the type used in the nineteenth century. Fascinated by that contraption  till the man yelled at me stating that I should paying attention to the proceedings . The meeting scheduled during school hours so that made me feel that this was worthwhile.  No school equals happiness. I actually don’t remember much of what happen  except that truancy, will not be tolerated. Maybe reform school was in the offering. Well, I held my own plans, I became sick. Stomach ache, throwing up ( I had my fake vomit in a jar. Smelled bad looked bad. Enough said…) You name it, I had it…Spent more time at the hospital a doctor’s office than Ben Cassy. This lasted for a while since you can’t send a sick kid away so I was sick for the rest of my middle school experience. During week days I complained about any ailment that I could discover. l was dizzy, lethargic and feverish, and fell down a lot. Doing more research than I ever had done in my life I knew more about kid diseases and their symptoms than most health professionals. Weekdays I was sick and nauseated. Weekends my life rotated around the Buffalo Museum of Science and Gene Gorgon’s magic shop both provided me with a purpose. What many educators, school decision makers fail to understand that learning can occur anywhere and often provides a more meaningful experience than from any form of formal classroom. I felt no emotional ties to anything. My own situations reflected someone elses reality. I started to understand how to manipulate others and control their perception of me.

Body language anyone….

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