I Don’t Do Naked

I have often questioned who in the world arrives at these dumb decisions which affect the rest of us? Swimming naked was the consummate example of people in decision making positions who were too dumb to make them. Now lets take this straight I have seen a few photographs of naked females as a teenager an was not taken completely back. I have always believed that a bit of covering was a good thing, especially when bodies were involved. However, swimming naked with a bunch of teenager was another matter all together. Taking things into my own hands, I marched down to the principal’s office and lodged a complaint. They sent me to the guidance office where I was prompty informed that the decision of swimming naked had come from the school board and they had approved that decision. Well, screw the school board my days of truancy had just arrived. Deciding to spend my time elsewhere the Buffalo Museum of Science, dinosaurs, body parts, astronomy, geology and a really big telescope this became my school of choice. The area school system did not agree. And then enter the truant officer. He tried his best to capture me and on some occasions he actually had some success. I achieve the distinction of having fewer days in school they any other kid in the education system. This cat and mouse game ran its course, when a court date was issued for not complying with the states mandated attendance policies.
Eventually, enough parents complained about not having their kids swimming naked that the school changed its no swim wear policy to swim trunks allowed. This is a truthful story. To this day I still wonder what a group of like minded individuals combining their massive intelligence culminate in dumb decision making policies. Just look around…………

He said I was a criminal.

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