The Middle School Experience – Training to be Monkeys

I arrived one hour early for the first day of class wearing a three piece suite which I nagged for and unfortunately received, brown corduroy suit with a vest, brown shoes, dark rimmed glasses and a briefcase I was thirteen years old. No one sat with me during lunch or talked to me during classes. I was ok being alone and actually found it preferable to being yelled at, God bless those nuns… amazingly enough everyone ignored me, the teaching staff, administration even the lunch ladies. Little Lord Fauntleroy as I was known, became my outside being and I endeavored to live up to its image. Everything was going smoothly till my schedule indicated that I had gym three times a week. I did not do gym. From my past gym experiences in grammar school, I realized that dancing, skipping or walking in predetermined patterns was not my strong suit. Not being very coordinated and hated standing in the center of the floor. My body really did not know how to proceed except in straight lines and sometimes up and down.

Middle school gym class consisted of standing with your toes on a bright yellow line, running in circles and having the gym instructor insult anyone within shouting distance. We climbed ropes, poles and netting and participate in dodge ball. When choosing team sides I was always the last one picked. Not good for ones self esteem. Once I asked the gym teacher if we were being trained to be monkeys? He told me to shut up. All went reasonably well till swim day and yes the school had a pool a very large pool. Each student was given written instruction on pool procedures outlining the do and the do nots. Giving the paper a brief glance…no wearing of bathing suits allowed. The third line read no bathing suits will be worn. I DON’T DO NAKED…….

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