I Was Ask To Leave

At ten years old I was strongly advised to leave the Catholic educational system due to my lack of progress. Not talking, smiling, being a left hander, near sighted, socially awkward and introverted may have contributed to my being diagnosed as a special needs student, I was not yet diagnosed with a learning disability, merely a low achiever. This didn’t bother me in the least not much was expected and that was o.k. with me. Being passed on from grade to grade was an achievement. There were hints of hope, but nothing permanent. I remember barely  passing a spelling test receiving a seventy four the teacher gave me a seventy five a passing grade and made a big deal of me achieving this remarkable milestone. She made me stand up and told the class I finally accomplished which she assumed was improbable if not impossible. Embarrassed, never tried again to pass a test after that. Recalling a number of educational endeavors which were really confusing. Learning to diagram a sentence was beyond my expectations. Nouns, proper nouns, adjectives and what the heck was a prepositions. A noun and the words that modify that noun must agree in number. Some nouns can be used in either a singular or a plural sense. In these cases, consider how you are using the marked noun before choosing a modifier. Repeat after me…. Are you kidding……..

Dick and Jane become a source of frustration. Example: if a verb shows action and Dick and Jane are running so they are verbs,. Try explaining that to your English instructor. Adding apples and oranges seem to me to be real easy to do both are round, not so much for my math Instructor. This went on for the rest of my elementary education one bit of confusion placed on top of some other. My straight forward analysis of information and the education system’s ability to blur the issue at hand kept me, irritable and uneducatable. First grade, second grade and so on, all through elementary school. Then middle school raised its ugly head now this was a different beast all together.


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