You’re Going To Get A Rabbit

Twice a week I went to Catholic mass. Maybe the adults in my life felt it would benefit me, not sure the reasoning behind it in any case, I went following the other kids who were there on behalf of their guardians. After the percession was finished and the singing and kneeling was complete, the priest began a series of songs and I heard  distinctly the words “you’re going to get a rabbit” The first time hearing it, I was in disbelief, you’re going to get a rabbit, there I heard it again. Every mass I heard the same thing ,you’re going to get a rabbit. This lasted for a number of weeks anticipating a rabbit asking my grandmother when would the rabbit arrive. She gave me that what’s wrong with you, look I’ve envisioned before. Determine to get the rabbit I said I  wanted to go to early mass and stick around for the second one Grandmother was in apparent shock, one so young asking to go to two masses on the same day maybe she thought that I must have been blessed by God or at least set upon by angels to be so enthusiastic about attending church.  She sat with me through two consecutive masses in which I pointed out when the priest said he was going to give me a rabbit. She patted me on my shoulder and told me the priest was speaking in Latin and it only sounds like you’re getting a rabbit. I inquired what was he really saying.  Grandmother said that no one knew what he was saying he was speaking in Latin. Confusion it seems  runs in the family.

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