Under The Desk

spent a number of school days under Sister’s desk. Straight off I really didn’t mind being under her desk, quite, dark and no one bothered me by asking questions or having to respond to anyone or anything. However, I should mention how I became the occupier of this space.

Every time a student did or said a particularly egregious act the offending student was confined to the space under Sister’s desk for a set amount of time and since following directions of any type was not in my playbook, under the Sister’s desk I went. The space rapidly becomes my second desk. What I found to my amazement, Sister said that I had to make way for my guardian angel under there. It got very cramped after a while for the two of us. Eventually, I got rid of that pesky angel for good.

Easter was approaching and each student was given explicit instructions on how the eggs were to be decorated. The instructions were on the blackboard for each student to read and maybe understand. Obviously, since I couldn’t read I faked it. In my room, I planned the perfect Easter egg ever. Taking a toilet paper roll, removing all the paper and attaching cotton ball all over it and coloring the egg a bright yellow outlining the eyes and mouth, it looked like a little angel sitting on a cloud what an amazing effort and a great addition to any egg decorating festival. The next day I proudly presented my special egg to Sister.  She looks at the egg and pulled me towards the black board pointing to the instructions written there. “You didn’t follow any of the instructions” she stated smashing the egg on her desk smearing everything with yolk and egg white. I didn’t boil the egg not knowing that it  should have been cooked. Under her desk I went, My days were numbered. Thankfully…….

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