God’s Name is Arthur

Each day before lessons we stood by our desks and recited The lords prayer. And since I sat in the first row first seat I had the privilege of being the first to pray. Every student had to recite their memorized part of the Lords prayer. Trying my best to do honor to my position as the first to utter a word I began, Our father who art in heaven. That’s it, that all there was six words and I used them every day. With my responsibility completed I sat down, relieved till the nexted forced recitation. This continued until realizing that God’s name had to be Art or Arthur. Our Father who Art in heaven. I had finally achieved something of importance. Exciting information I said to myself and that the Sister should be told of my new found wisdom. The next day I stated my new found knowledge to the entire class. That god’s name is Arthur. Sister jaw dropped and her face turned a reddish pink color just like a peach. This was not good and defiantly not what I had expected.

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