First Day

As we walked into the building I recognized trouble from past experience. A very large object waiting at the end of the hall completely dress in black with ropes around the middle spoke, ” This way” pointing toward an open doorway. Going into the room another of the robed creatures pointed toward the first desk first row. Every kid in the room stood up and began taking out their stuff and moved back one seat. I occupied my seat and closed my eyes, perhaps this was a dream no such chance. This figure all in black approached and ordered me to make room for my guardian angel. No idea what was going on and it didn’t want to know ….The figure in black turned out to be a woman and was called Sister. For the rest of the day all I remember was Sister beating on the blackboard saying repeat, repeat over an over again. When I went home, I hide behind the couch. Hopefully, this was my final day there no such luck.

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